Thursday, May 30, 2013

1305.6888 (Benoît Descamps et al.)

Asymptotically Decreasing Lieb-Robinson Velocity for a Class of
Dissipative Quantum Dynamics

Benoît Descamps, Frank Verstraete
We study the velocity of the propagation of information for a class of local dissipative quantum dynamics. This finite velocity is expressed by the so-called Lieb-Robinson bound. Besides the properties of the already studied dynamics, we consider an additional relation that expresses the propagation of certain subspaces. The previously derived bounds did not re ect the dissipative character of the dynamics and yielded the same result as for the reversible case. In this article, we show that for this class the velocity of propagation of information is time dependent and decays in time towards a smaller velocity. In some cases the velocity becomes zero. At the end of the article, the exponential clustering theorem of general frustration free local Markovian dynamics is revisited.
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