Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.5146 (David Applebaum et al.)

Second quantisation for skew convolution products of measures in Banach

David Applebaum, Jan van Neerven
We study measures in Banach space which arise as the skew convolution product of two other measures where the convolution is deformed by a skew map. This is the structure that underlies both the theory of Mehler semigroups and operator self-decomposable measures. We show how that given such a set-up the skew map can be lifted to an operator that acts at the level of function spaces and demonstrate that this is an example of the well known functorial procedure of second quantisation. We give particular emphasis to the case where the product measure is infinitely divisible and study the second quantisation process in some detail using chaos expansions when this is either Gaussian or is generated by a Poisson random measure.
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