Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3785 (Sergey Dobrokhotov et al.)

The semiclassical Maupertuis-Jacobi correspondence for quasi-periodic
Hamiltonian flows: stable and unstable spectra

Sergey Dobrokhotov, Michel Rouleux
We investigate semi-classical properties of Maupertuis-Jacobi correspondence in 2-D for families of Hamiltonians $(H_\lambda(x,\xi), {\cal H}_\lambda(x,\xi))$, when ${\cal H}_\lambda(x,\xi)$ is the perturbation of completely integrable Hamiltonian $\widetilde{\cal H}$ veriying some isoenergetic non-degeneracy conditions. Assuming the Weyl $h$-PDO $H^w_\lambda$ has only discrete spectrum near $E$, and the energy surface $\{\widetilde{\cal H}={\cal E}\}$ is separated by some pairwise disjoint lagrangian tori, we show that most of eigenvalues for $\hat H_\lambda$ near $E$ are asymptotically degenerate as $h\to0$. This applies in particular for the determination of trapped modes by an island, in the linear theory of water-waves. We also consider quasi-modes localized near rational tori. Finally, we discuss breaking of Maupertuis-Jacobi correspondence on the equator of Katok sphere.
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