Thursday, May 9, 2013

1305.1858 (Shibao Shan et al.)

On Rogue wave in the Kundu-DNLS equation    [PDF]

Shibao Shan, Chuanzhong Li, Jingsong He
In this paper, the determinant representation of the n-fold Darboux transformation (DT) of the Kundu-DNLS equation is given. Based on our analysis, the soliton solutions, positon solutions and breather solutions of the Kundu-DNLS equation are given explicitly. Further, we also construct the rogue wave solutions which are given by using the Taylor expansion of the breather solution. Particularly, these rogue wave solutions possess several free parameters. With the help of these parameters, these rogue waves constitute several patterns, such as fundamental pattern, triangular pattern, circular pattern.
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