Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1416 (Petarpa Boonserm et al.)

Regge-Wheeler equation, stability, and greybody factors for dirty black

Petarpa Boonserm, Tritos Ngampitipan, Matt Visser
So-called "dirty" black holes are surrounded by non-zero stress-energy, rather than vacuum. The presence of the non-zero stress-energy modifies key features such as the surface gravity, the Regge-Wheeler equation, stability, and the greybody factors in a rather nontrivial way. We shall present general forms for the Regge-Wheeler equation for spin 0, spin 1, and for spin 2 axial perturbations in arbitrary static spherically symmetric spacetimes. Using very general features of these spacetimes, (in particular the classical energy conditions for the stress-energy surrounding the black hole), we extract several interesting and robust bounds on the behaviour of such systems, including rigorous bounds on the greybody factors for dirty black holes.
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