Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1305.4870 (Christian Saemann et al.)

Six-Dimensional Superconformal Field Theories from Principal 3-Bundles
over Twistor Space

Christian Saemann, Martin Wolf
We construct manifestly superconformal field theories in six dimensions which contain a non-Abelian tensor multiplet. In particular, we show how principal 3-bundles over a suitable twistor space encode solutions to these self-dual tensor field theories via a Penrose-Ward transform. The resulting higher or categorified gauge theories significantly generalise those obtained previously from principal 2-bundles in that the so-called Peiffer identity is relaxed in a systematic fashion. This transform also exposes various unexplored structures of higher gauge theories modelled on principal 3-bundles such as the relevant gauge transformations. This enables us to formulate the non-Abelian differential cohomology that describes principal 3-bundles with connective structures.
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