Monday, May 6, 2013

1305.0726 (Lun Zhang)

A note on limiting mean distribution of singular values for products of
two Wishart random matrices

Lun Zhang
The product of M complex random Gaussian matrices of size N has recently been studied by Akemann, Kieburg and Wei. They show that, for fixed M and N, the joint probability distribution for the squared singular values of the product matrix forms a determinantal point process with correlation kernel determined by certain biorthogonal polynomials that can be explicitly constructed. We find that, in the case M=2, the relevant biorthogonal polynomials are actually special cases of multiple orthogonal polynomials associated with Macdonald functions (modified Bessel functions of the second kind) which was first introduced by Van Assche and Yakubovich. With known results on asymptotic zero distribution of these polynomials and general theory on multiple orthogonal polynomial ensembles, it is then easy to obtain an explicit expression for the distribution of squared singular values for the products of two complex random Gaussian matrices in the limit of large matrix dimensions.
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