Monday, July 23, 2012

1207.4878 (G. Borot et al.)

Loop models on random maps via nested loops: case of domain symmetry
breaking and application to the Potts model

G. Borot, J. Bouttier, E. Guitter
We use the nested loop approach to investigate loop models on random planar maps where the domains delimited by the loops are given two alternating colors, which can be assigned different local weights, hence allowing for an explicit Z_2 domain symmetry breaking. Each loop receives a non local weight n, as well as a local bending energy which controls loop turns. By a standard cluster construction that we review, the Q = n^2 Potts model on general random maps is mapped to a particular instance of this problem with domain-non-symmetric weights. We derive in full generality a set of coupled functional relations for a pair of generating series which encode the enumeration of loop configurations on maps with a boundary of a given color, and solve it by extending well-known complex analytic techniques. In the case where loops are fully-packed, we analyze in details the phase diagram of the model and derive exact equations for the position of its non-generic critical points. In particular, we underline that the critical Potts model on general random maps is not self-dual whenever Q \neq 1. In a model with domain-symmetric weights, we also show the possibility of a spontaneous domain symmetry breaking driven by the bending energy.
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