Monday, November 5, 2012

1205.0356 (Michel Dubois-Violette)

Poincaré duality for Koszul algebras    [PDF]

Michel Dubois-Violette
We discuss the consequences of the Poincar\'e duality, versus AS- Gorenstein property, for Koszul algebras (homogeneous and non homogeneous). For homogeneous Koszul algebras, the Poincar\'e duality property implies the existence of twisted potentials which characterize the corresponding algebras while in the case of quadratic linear Koszul algebras, the Poincar\'e duality is needed to get a good generalization of universal enveloping algebras of Lie algebras. In the latter case we describe and discuss the corresponding generalization of Lie algebras. We also give a short review of the notion of Koszulity and of the Koszul duality for N-homogeneous algebras and for the corresponding nonhomogeneous versions.
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