Thursday, November 8, 2012

1211.1531 (K. Berrada et al.)

Nonlocal correlations for manifold quantum systems: Entanglement of
two-spin states

K. Berrada, A. Mohammadzade, S. Abdel-Khalek, H. Eleuch, S. Salimi
In this paper, we study the bipartite entanglement of spin coherent states in the case of pure and mixed states. By a proper choice of the subsystem spins, the entanglement for large class of quantum systems is investigated. We generalize the result to the case of bipartite mixed states using a simplified expression of concurrence in Wootters' measure of the bipartite entanglement. It is found that in some cases, the maximal entanglement of mixed states in the context of $su(2)$ algebra can be detected. Our observations may have important implications in exploiting these states in quantum information theory.
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