Thursday, November 8, 2012

1211.1518 (Nalini Anantharaman et al.)

Long-time dynamics of completely integrable Schrödinger flows on the

Nalini Anantharaman, Clotilde Fermanian-Kammerer, Fabricio Macià
In this article, we are concerned with long-time behaviour of solutions to a semi-classical Schr\"odinger-type equation on the torus. We consider time scales which go to infinity when the semi-classical parameter goes to zero and we associate with each time-scale the set of semi-classical measures associated with all possible choices of initial data. We emphasize the existence of a threshold: for time-scales below this threshold, the set of semi-classical measures contains measures which are singular with respect to Lebesgue measure in the "position" variable, while at (and beyond) the threshold, all the semi-classical measures are absolutely continuous in the "position" variable.
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