Thursday, November 8, 2012

1211.1515 (R. Adami et al.)

Constrained energy minimization and orbital stability for the NLS
equation on a star graph

R. Adami, C. Cacciapuoti, D. Finco, D. Noja
We consider a nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with focusing nonlinearity of power type on a star graph ${\mathcal G}$, written as $ i \partial_t \Psi (t) = H \Psi (t) - |\Psi (t)|^{2\mu}\Psi (t)$, where $H$ is the selfadjoint operator which defines the linear dynamics on the graph with an attractive $\delta$ interaction, with strength $\alpha < 0$, at the vertex. The mass and energy functionals are conserved by the flow. We show that for $0<\mu<2$ the energy at fixed mass is bounded from below and that for every mass $m$ below a critical mass $m^*$ it attains its minimum value at a certain $\hat \Psi_m \in H^1(\GG) $, while for $m>m^*$ there is no minimum. Moreover, the set of minimizers has the structure ${\mathcal M}={e^{i\theta}\hat \Psi_m, \theta\in \erre}$. Correspondingly, for every $mView original:

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