Monday, November 19, 2012

1211.3772 (Serena Cenatiempo)

Low dimensional interacting bosons    [PDF]

Serena Cenatiempo
The theory of ultracold, dilute Bose gases is the subject of intensive studies, driven by new experimental applications, which also motivate the study of Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) in low dimensions. From the theoretical point of view there are few, quite special, models in which we are able to prove BEC for interacting bosons. With the aim of studying the condensation problem I considered a simplified model for a three and two dimensional system of bosons interacting with a repulsive short range potential, obtained by introducing an ultraviolet momentum cutoff. I proved that the interacting theory is well defined at all orders in terms of one (in three dimensions) or two (in two dimensions) effective parameters, related to the intensity of the interaction. Moreover the correlations do not exhibit anomalous dimensions, i.e. the model is in the same universality class of the exactly soluble Bogoliubov model. The result is obtained by using Rigorous Renormalization Group techniques and implementing local Ward identities (WI), which reduce the number of independent running couplings, this fact being crucial for the control of the two dimensional theory, where the effective interactions are relevant. Since the ultraviolet momentum cutoff breaks local gauge invariance, the corrections to the formal WI have been considered.
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