Thursday, March 21, 2013

1303.4877 (Manuel F. Rañada)

Higher-order superintegrability of separable potentials with a new
approach to the Post-Winternitz system

Manuel F. Rañada
The higher-order superintegrability of separable potentials is studied. It is proved that these potentials possess (in addition to the two quadratic integrals) a third integral of higher-order in the momenta that can be obtained as the product of powers of two particular rather simple complex functions. Some systems related with the harmonic oscillator, as the generalized SW system and the TTW system, were studied in previous papers; now a similar analysis is presented for superintegrable systems related with the Kepler problem. In this way, a new proof of the superintegrability of the Post-Winternitz system is presented and the explicit expression of the integral is obtained. Finally, the relations between the superintegrable systems with quadratic constants of the motion (separable in several different coordinate systems) and the superintegrable systems with higher-order constants of the motion are analyzed.
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