Thursday, March 14, 2013

1303.3241 (Nicola Pinamonti et al.)

Scale-Invariant Curvature Fluctuations from an Extended Semiclassical

Nicola Pinamonti, Daniel Siemssen
In the inflationary paradigm it is believed that quantum fluctuations during inflation seeded the temperature anisotropies seen in the CMB. We present an extension of the semiclassical Einstein equations which couples n-point correlation functions of a stochastic Einstein tensor to the n-point functions of the quantum stress-energy tensor. To apply this extension to calculate the quantum fluctuations during an inflationary period, we take as a model a massive conformally coupled scalar field on a perturbed de Sitter space and describe how a renormalization independent, almost-scale-invariant power spectrum is produced. Furthermore, we discuss how this model yields a natural basis for the calculation of non-Gaussianities of the curvature fluctuations.
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