Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1105.2185 (Ahmed Jellal et al.)

Transport Properties through Double Barrier Structure in Graphene    [PDF]

Ahmed Jellal, El Bouazzaoui Choubabi, Hocine Bahlouli, Abdullah Aljaafari
The mode-dependent transmission of relativistic ballistic massless Dirac
fermion through a graphene based double barrier structure is being investigated
for various barrier parameters. We compare our results with already published
work and point out the relevance of these findings to a systematic study of the
transport properties in double barrier structures. An interesting situation
arises when we set the potential in the leads to zero, then our 2D problem
reduces effectively to a 1D massive Dirac equation with an effective mass
proportional to the quantized wave number along the transverse direction.
Furthermore we have shown that the minimal conductivity and maximal Fano factor
remain insensitive to the ratio between the two potentials V_2/V_1=\alpha.
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