Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0415 (Agostino Devastato et al.)

Grand Symmetry, Spectral Action, and the Higgs mass    [PDF]

Agostino Devastato, Fedele Lizzi, Pierre Martinetti
In the context of the spectral action and noncommutative geometry approach to the standard model, we build a model based on a larger symmetry. This symmetry satisfies all the conditions to have a noncommutative manifold, and mixes gauge and spin degrees of freedom and does not introduce extra fermions. With this "grand symmetry" it is natural to have the scalar field necessary to obtain the Higgs mass in the vicinity of 126 GeV. The spectral action breaks the grand symmetry to the standard model algebra. This breaking also gives the spin structure of spacetime as broken symmetry.
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