Thursday, March 22, 2012

0812.4269 (Nizar Demni)

Note on radial Dunkl processes    [PDF]

Nizar Demni
We give shorter proofs of the following known results: the radial Dunkl process associated with a reduced system and a strictly positive multiplicity function is the unique strong solution for all times of a stochastic differential equation with a singular drift, the first hitting time of the Weyl chamber by a radial Dunkl process is finite almost surely for small values of the multiplicity function. Compared to the original proofs, ours give more information on the behavior of the process. More precisely, the first proof allows to give a positive answer to a conjecture announced by Gallardo and Yor for the finiteness of the total length of the jumps performed by the Dunkl process during a finite amount of time, while the second one shows that the process hits almost surely the wall corresponding to the simple root with a small multiplicity value. Further results on the jumps of the Dunkl process (communicated by D. L\'epingle) and and additional references are included.
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