Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1110.4354 (Micka ël D. Chekroun et al.)

Invariant Measures for Dissipative Dynamical Systems: Abstract Results
and Applications

Micka ël D. Chekroun, Nathan E. Glatt-Holtz
In this work we study certain invariant measures that can be associated to the time averaged observation of a broad class of dissipative semigroups via the notion of a generalized Banach limit. Consider an arbitrary complete separable metric space $X$ which is acted on by any continuous semigroup $\{S(t)\}_{t \geq 0}$. Suppose that $\S(t)\}_{t \geq 0}$ possesses a global attractor $\mathcal{A}$. We show that, for any generalized Banach limit $\underset{T \rightarrow \infty}{\rm{LIM}}$ and any distribution of initial conditions $\mathfrak{m}_0$, that there exists an invariant probability measure $\mathfrak{m}$, whose support is contained in $\mathcal{A}$, such that $$ \int_{X} \phi(x) d\mathfrak{m} (x) = \underset{T\to \infty}{\rm{LIM}} \frac{1}{T}\int_0^T \int_X \phi(S(t) x) d \mathfrak{m}_0(x) d t, $$ for all observables $\phi$ living in a suitable function space of continuous mappings on $X$. This work is based on a functional analytic framework simplifying and generalizing previous works in this direction. In particular our results rely on the novel use of a general but elementary topological observation, valid in any metric space, which concerns the growth of continuous functions in the neighborhood of compact sets. In the case when $\{S(t)\}_{t \geq 0}$ does not possess a compact absorbing set, this lemma allows us to sidestep the use of weak compactness arguments which require the imposition of cumbersome weak continuity conditions and limits the phase space $X$ to the case of a reflexive Banach space. Two examples of concrete dynamical systems where the semigroup is known to be non-compact are examined in detail.
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