Friday, August 31, 2012

1208.6216 (Valentin Bonzom)

Revisiting random tensor models at large N via the Schwinger-Dyson

Valentin Bonzom
The Schwinger-Dyson Equations (SDEs) of matrix models are known to form (half) a Virasoro algebra and have become a standard tool to solve matrix models. The algebra generated by SDEs in tensor models (for random tensors in a suitable ensemble) is a specific generalization of the Virasoro algebra and it is important to show that these new symmetries determine the physical solutions. We prove this result for random tensors at large N. Compared to matrix models, tensor models have more than a single invariant at each order in the tensor entries and the SDEs make them proliferate. However, the specific combinatorics of the dominant observables allows to restrict to linear SDEs and we show that they determine a unique physical perturbative solution. This gives a new proof that tensor models are Gaussian at large N, with the covariance being the full 2-point function.
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