Friday, August 31, 2012

1208.6146 (Liviu-Adrian Cotfas)

Finite quantum mechanical model for the stock market    [PDF]

Liviu-Adrian Cotfas
The price of a given stock is exactly known only at the time of sale when the stock is between the traders. If we know the price (owner) then we have no information on the owner (price). A more general description including cases when we have partial information on both price and ownership is obtained by using the quantum mechanics methods. The relation price-ownership is similar to the relation position-momentum. Our approach is based on the mathematical formalism used in the case of quantum systems with finite-dimensional Hilbert space. The linear operator corresponding to the ownership is obtained from the linear operator corresponding to the price by using the finite Fourier transform. In our idealized model, the Schrodinger type equation describing the time evolution of the stock price is solved numerically.
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