Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1212.3776 (E. Minguzzi)

Convexity and quasi-uniformizability of closed preordered spaces    [PDF]

E. Minguzzi
In many applications it is important to establish if a given topological preordered space has a topology and a preorder which can be recovered from the set of continuous isotone functions. Under antisymmetry this property, also known as quasi-uniformizability, allows one to compactify the topological space and to extend its order dynamics. In this work we study locally compact $\sigma$-compact spaces endowed with a closed preorder. They are known to be normally preordered, and it is proved here that if they are locally convex, then they are convex, in the sense that the upper and lower topologies generate the topology. As a consequence, under local convexity they are quasi-uniformizable. The problem of establishing local convexity under antisymmetry is studied. It is proved that local convexity holds provided the convex hull of any compact set is compact. Furthermore, it is proved that local convexity holds whenever the preorder is compactly generated, a case which includes most examples of interest, including preorders determined by cone structures over differentiable manifolds. The work ends with some results on the problem of quasi-pseudo-metrizability and, as an application, it is shown that every globally hyperbolic spacetime is strictly quasi-pseudo-metrizable.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1212.3776

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