Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3384 (Song Wei et al.)

A Matlab toolbox for fractional relaxation-oscillation equations    [PDF]

Song Wei, Wen Chen
Stress relaxation and oscillation damping of complex viscoelastic media often manifest history- and path-dependent physical behaviors and cannot accurately be described by the classical models. Recent research found that fractional derivative models can characterize such complex relaxation and damping. However, to our best knowledge, easy-to-use numerical software is not available for fractional relaxation-oscillation (FRO) equations. This paper is to introduce an open source free Matlab toolbox which we developed in recent years for numerical solution of the FRO equations. This FRO toolbox uses the predictor-corrector approach for the discretization of time fractional derivative, and non-expert users can accurately solve fractional relaxation-oscillation equations via a friendly graphical user interface. Compared with experimental data, our numerical experiments show that the FRO toolbox is highly efficient and accurate to simulate viscoelastic stress relaxation and damped vibration. This free toolbox will help promote the research and practical use of fractional relaxation-oscillation equations.
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