Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1696 (A. Biggs)

The existence of a canonical lifting of even Poisson Structures to the
Algebra of Densities

A. Biggs
In this note we construct a canonical lifting of arbitrary Poisson structures on a manifold to its algbera of densities. Using this construction we proceed to classify all extensions of a fixed structure on the original manifold to its algebra of densities. The question is analogous to the problem studied by H.M.Khudaverdian and Th.Voronov for odd Poisson structures and differential operators. Although the questions are similar the results are distinctly marked, namely in the case of even Poisson structures there always exists a lift which is naturally defined. The proof of this result bears a remarkable resemblance to the construction of the Frolicher-Nijenhuis bracket.
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