Thursday, February 14, 2013

1302.3087 (Jean-François Arnoldi et al.)

Asymptotic spectral gap and Weyl law for Ruelle resonances of open
partially expanding maps

Jean-François Arnoldi, Frédéric Faure, Tobias Weich
We consider a simple model of an open partially expanding map. Its trapped set K in phase space is a fractal set. We first show that there is a well defined discrete spectrum of Ruelle resonances which describes the asymptotic of correlation functions for large time and which is parametrized by the Fourier component \nu on the neutral direction of the dynamics. We introduce a specific hypothesis on the dynamics that we call "minimal captivity". This hypothesis is stable under perturbations and means that the dynamics is univalued on a neighborhood of K. Under this hypothesis we show the existence of an asymptotic spectral gap and a Fractal Weyl law for the upper bound of density of Ruelle resonances in the semiclassical limit \nu -> infinity. Some numerical computations with the truncated Gauss map illustrate these results.
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