Friday, August 17, 2012

1208.3382 (Yan Li et al.)

Higgs algebraic symmetry of screened system in a spherical geometry    [PDF]

Yan Li, Fu-Lin Zhang, Jing-Ling Chen
The orbits and the dynamical symmetries for the screened Coulomb potentials and isotropic harmonic oscillators have been studied by Wu and Zeng [Z. B. Wu and J. Y. Zeng, Phys. Rev. A 62,032509 (2000)]. We find the similar properties in the responding systems in a spherical space, whose dynamical symmetries are described by Higgs Algebra. There exists a conserved aphelion and perihelion vector, which, together with angular momentum, constitute the generators of the geometrical symmetry group at the aphelia and perihelia points $(\dot{r}=0)$.
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