Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0054 (Y. Suhov et al.)

FK-DLR properties of a quantum bose-gas with a repulsive interaction    [PDF]

Y. Suhov, I. Stuhl
The paper extends earlier results from [arXiv:1304.0782], [arXiv:1304.4177], about infinite-volume quantum bosonic states (FK-DLR states) to the case of interactions without a hard core. However, we assume here that the (two-body) interaction potential is non-negative (which is a standard assumption in Statistical Mechanics of quantum gases). Following the strategy from [arXiv:1304.0782, arXiv:1304.4177],, we establish that, for the values of fugacity $z\in (0,1)$ and inverse temperature \beta >0$, finite-volume Gibbs states form a compact family in the thermodynamic limit. Next, in dimension two we show that any limit-point state is translation-invariant.
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