Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1303.6551 (Jürgen Struckmeier)

Emerging of massive gauge particles in inhomogeneous local gauge
transformations: replacement of Higgs mechanism

Jürgen Struckmeier
A generalized theory of gauge transformations is presented on the basis of the covariant Hamiltonian formalism of field theory, for which the covariant canonical field equations are equivalent to the Euler-Lagrange field equations. Similar to the canonical transformation theory of point dynamics, the canonical transformation rules for fields are derived from generating functions. Thus---in contrast to the usual Lagrangian description---the covariant canonical transformation formalism automatically ensures the mappings to preserve the action principle, and hence to be {\em physical}. On that basis, we work out the theory of inhomogeneous local gauge transformations that generalizes the conventional local SU(N) gauge transformation theory. It is shown that massive gauge bosons naturally emerge in this description, which thus could supersede the Higgs mechanism.
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