Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1303.6444 (Stephen James Tate)

Virial Expansion Bounds    [PDF]

Stephen James Tate
In the 1960s, the technique of using cluster expansion bounds in order to achieve bounds on the virial expansion was developed by Lebowitz and Penrose (1964) and Ruelle (1969). This technique is generalised to more recent cluster expansion bounds for Poghosyan and Ueltschi (2009), which are related to the work of Procacci (2007) and the tree-graph identity, detailed by Brydges (1986). The bounds achieved by Lebowitz and Penrose can also be sharpened by doing the actual optimisation and achieving expressions in terms of the Lambert W-function. The different bound from the cluster expansion shows some improvements for bounds on the convergence of the virial expansion in the case of positive potentials, which are allowed to have a hard core.
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