Friday, February 24, 2012

1111.4837 (Ovidiu-Cristinel Stoica)

Schwarzschild Singularity is Semi-Regularizable    [PDF]

Ovidiu-Cristinel Stoica
It is shown that the Schwarzschild spacetime can be extended so that the
metric becomes analytic at the singularity. The singularity continues to exist,
but it is made degenerate and smooth, and the infinities are removed by an
appropriate choice of coordinates. A family of analytic extensions is found,
and one of these extensions is semi-regular. A degenerate singularity doesn't
destroy the topology, and when is semi-regular, it allows the field equations
to be rewritten in a form which avoids the infinities, as it was shown
elsewhere (arXiv:1105.0201, arXiv:1105.3404). In the new coordinates, the
Schwarzschild solution extends beyond the singularity. This suggests a
possibility that the information is not destroyed in the singularity, and can
be restored after the evaporation.
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