Friday, February 3, 2012

1202.0009 (O. M. Del Cima et al.)

All orders renormalizability of a Lorentz and CPT violating quantum

O. M. Del Cima, J. M. Fonseca, D. H. T. Franco, A. H. Gomes, O. Piguet
Renormalizability of the (minimal) single-fermion QED extension is
investigated at all orders of perturbation theory in the framework of algebraic
renormalization, a regularization-independent method. Relative to the standard
QED, new structures that could lead to gauge anomalies are identified.
Nevertheless, even if the anomaly coefficients fail to vanish in the general
case, they shall be absent provided we require invariance of the action under C
and/or PT transformations. Stability is also verified in this case, hence full
renormalizability is attained.
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