Thursday, February 16, 2012

1202.3347 (Hua-Jun Huang et al.)

Indecomposable representations and oscillator realizations of the
exceptional Lie algebra G_2

Hua-Jun Huang, You-Ning Li, Dong Ruan
In this paper various representations of the exceptional Lie algebra G_2 are
investigated in a purely algebraic manner, and multi-boson/multi-fermion
realizations are obtained. Matrix elements of the master representation, which
is defined on the space of the universal enveloping algebra of G_2, are
explicitly determined. From this master representation, different
indecomposable representations defined on invariant subspaces or quotient
spaces with respect to these invariant subspaces are discussed. Especially, the
elementary representations of G_2 are investigated in detail, and the
corresponding six-boson realization is given. After obtaining explicit forms of
all twelve extremal vectors of the elementary representation with the highest
weight {\Lambda}, all representations with their respective highest weights
related to {\Lambda} are systematically discussed. For one of these
representations the corresponding five-boson realization is constructed.
Moreover, a new three-fermion realization from the fundamental representation
(0,1) of G_2 is constructed also.
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