Monday, February 20, 2012

1202.3801 (E. Castellanos et al.)

Fluctuations in an Ideal Modified Bosonic Gas Trapped in an Arbitrary
3-dim Power-Law Potential

E. Castellanos, C. Laemmerzahl
We analyze the number of particle fluctuations within the semiclassical
approximation of an ideal bosonic gas with an anomalous single--particle
dispersion relation suggested in several quantum--gravity approaches trapped in
a generic 3--dimensional power--law potential as a criterium of thermodynamic
stability for these systems. We show that the analysis of the fluctuations in
the number of particles caused by a deformation in the dispersion relation,
leads to an observable consequence associated to the thermodynamic stability
for a specific choice of the trap parameters. Additionally, we deduce the shift
in the critical temperature in the thermodynamic limit associated with this
"modified bosonic gas" and show that this shift expressed in function of the
number of particles, can be used as an amplifier for some quantum gravity
manifestations for stable systems.
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