Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1011.1154 (J. L. Flores et al.)

Gromov, Cauchy and causal boundaries for Riemannian, Finslerian and
Lorentzian manifolds

J. L. Flores, J. Herrera, M. Sanchez
Recently, the old notion of causal boundary for a spacetime V has been redefined in a consistent way. The computation of this boundary $\partial V$ for a standard conformally stationary spacetime V = R x M, suggests a natural compactification $M_B$ associated to any Riemannian metric on M or, more generally, to any Finslerian one. The corresponding boundary $\partial_B M$ is constructed in terms of Busemann-type functions. Roughly, $\partial_B M$ represents the set of all the directions in M including both, asymptotic and "finite" (or "incomplete") directions. This Busemann boundary $\partial_B M$ is related to two classical boundaries: the Cauchy boundary and the Gromov boundary. Our aims are: (1) to study the subtleties of both, the Cauchy boundary for any generalized (possibly non-symmetric) distance and the Gromov compactification for any (possibly incomplete) Finsler manifold, (2) to introduce the new Busemann compactification $M_B$, relating it with the previous two completions, and (3) to give a full description of the causal boundary $\partial V$ of any standard conformally stationary spacetime.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1011.1154

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