Friday, March 30, 2012

1102.3556 (Hervé Bergeron et al.)

To what extent are canonical and coherent state quantizations physically

Hervé Bergeron, Jean-Pierre Gazeau, Ahmed Youssef
We investigate the consistency of coherent state (or Berezin-Klauder-Toeplitz, or anti-Wick) quantization in regard to physical observations in the non- relativistic (or Galilean) regime. We compare this procedure with the canonical quantization (on both mathematical and physical levels) and examine whether they are or not equivalent in their predictions: is it possible to dif- ferentiate them on a strictly physical level? As far as only usual dynamical observables (position, momentum, energy, ...) are concerned, the quantization through coherent states is proved to be a perfectly valid alternative. We successfully put to the test the validity of CS quantization in the case of data obtained from vibrational spectroscopy (data that allowed to validate canonical quantization in the early period of Quantum Mechanics).
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