Monday, March 5, 2012

1203.0506 (J-P. Antoine et al.)

Frames, semi-frames, and Hilbert scales    [PDF]

J-P. Antoine, P. Balazs
Given a total sequence in a Hilbert space, we speak of an upper (resp. lower) semi-frame if only the upper (resp. lower) frame bound is valid. Equivalently, for an upper semi-frame, the frame operator is bounded, but has an unbounded inverse, whereas a lower semi-frame has an unbounded frame operator, with bounded inverse. For upper semi-frames, in the discrete and the continuous case, we build two natural Hilbert scales which may yield a novel characterization of certain function spaces of interest in signal processing. We present some examples and, in addition, some results concerning the duality between lower and upper semi-frames, as well as some generalizations, including fusion semi-frames and Banach semi-frames.
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