Thursday, May 17, 2012

1205.3649 (Felix Pogorzelski et al.)

A Banach space-valued ergodic theorem for amenable groups and

Felix Pogorzelski, Fabian Schwarzenberger
In this paper we study unimodular amenable groups. The first part is devoted to results on the existence of uniform families of quasi tilings for these groups. In light of that, constructions of Ornstein and Weiss are extended by quantitative estimates for the covering properties of the corresponding decompositions. Afterwards, we apply the developed methods to obtain an abstract ergodic theorem for a class of functions mapping subsets of the group into some Banach space. Moreover, applications of this convergence result are studied: the uniform existence of the integrated density of states (IDS) for operators on amenable Cayley graphs; the uniform existence of the IDS for operators on discrete structures being quasi-isometric to some amenable group; the approximation of L2-Betti numbers on cellular CW-complexes; the existence of certain densities of clusters in a percolated Cayley graph.
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