Monday, June 4, 2012

1105.1417 (Evgeny Lakshtanov et al.)

Isotope uptake dynamics in the Ostwald ripening model of

Evgeny Lakshtanov, Leonid Lakshtanov
Within the framework of the LSW theory of Ostwald ripening, an explicit expression for mass of the newly formed mineral has been obtained. It has been shown that mass of the mineral formed within an interval from $t_0$ to $t$ is a certain function of $t/t_0$. It has been shown that an uptake of an isotope added at time $t_0$ by forming mineral layers allows determination of the main parameters of Ostwald ripening as time lapsed from the beginning of ripening and recrystallization rate. It has also been shown that the results obtained for the initial rate of isotope uptake is a zeroth order approximation over a particles volume fraction $\phi$.
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