Thursday, June 28, 2012

1106.0267 (Shannon Starr et al.)

About Thinning Invariant Partition Structures    [PDF]

Shannon Starr, Brigitta Vermesi, Ang Wei
Bernoulli-$p$ thinning has been well-studied for point processes. Here we consider three other cases: (1) sequences $(X_1,X_2,...)$; (2) gaps of such sequences $(X_{n+1}-X_1)_{n\in\mathbb{N}}$; (3) partition structures. For the first case we characterize the distributions which are simultaneously invariant under Bernoulli-$p$ thinning for all $p \in (0,1]$. Based on this, we make conjectures for the latter two cases, and provide a potential approach for proof. We explain the relation to spin glasses, which is complementary to important previous work of Aizenman and Ruzmaikina, Arguin, and Shkolnikov.
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