Thursday, June 14, 2012

1206.2708 (N. Aizawa)

N = 2 Galilean superconformal algebras with central extension    [PDF]

N. Aizawa
N=2 Supersymmetric extensions of Galilean conformal algebras, specified by spin l and dimension of space d, are investigated. It is shwon that N=2 Galilean superconformal algebra introduced by Masterov has the mass central extension for half-integer l and any d, while the exotic central extension for integer l and d = 2. We then introduce a novel supersymmetric extension existing only for d = 2 and any l which also has mass or exotic central extensions depending the parity of 2l. We give a realization of the centrally extended algebras which leads a bose-fermi oscillator Hamiltonian having the Galilean superconformal algebra as dynamical algebra. N=1 supersmmetric extension with central extensions is also presented.
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