Monday, June 18, 2012

1206.3364 (Eduardo Mattei et al.)

Ground-state analysis for a coupled-spin analogue of the p+ip-pairing

Eduardo Mattei, Jon Links
We introduce a Hamiltonian for two interacting su(2) spins. This model is an analogue of the Bethe ansatz solvable p+ip-pairing Hamiltonian in that it admits a duality, from which the Read-Green and Moore-Read lines are present in the model's phase diagram. We use a mean-field analysis and exact Bethe ansatz results to investigate the ground-state properties of the system in the thermodynamic limit, defined here as the limit of infinite spin (or highest weight). We also numerically study the energy gap, fidelity and entanglement. We find that certain ground-state properties in the thermodynamic limit are ill-defined due to issues concerning non-commuting limits of the system's coupling parameters and the thermodynamic limit. We comment on possible implications for the p+ip-pairing Hamiltonian.
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