Monday, July 2, 2012

1206.7081 (Yu Xue et al.)

The noncommutative Kubo Formula: Applications to Transport in Disordered
Topological Insulators with and without Magnetic Fields

Yu Xue, Emil Prodan
The non-commutative theory of charge transport in mesoscopic aperiodic systems under magnetic fields, developed by Bellissard, Shulz-Baldes and collaborators in the 90's, is complemented with a practical numerical implementation. The scheme, which is developed within a $C^*$-algebraic framework, enable efficient evaluations of the non-commutative Kubo formula, with errors that vanish exponentially fast in the thermodynamic limit. Applications to a model of a 2-dimensional Quantum spin-Hall insulator are given. The conductivity tensor is mapped as function of Fermi level, disorder strength and temperature and the phase diagram in the plane of Fermi level and disorder strength is quantitatively derived from the transport simulations. Simulations at finite magnetic field strength are also presented.
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