Thursday, July 5, 2012

1207.1095 (Chong-Sun Chu et al.)

Non-Abelian Self-Dual String Solutions    [PDF]

Chong-Sun Chu, Sheng-Lan Ko, Pichet Vanichchapongjaroen
We consider the equations of motion of the non-abelian 5-branes theory recently constructed in and find exact string solutions both for uncompactified and compactified spacetime. Although one does not have the full supersymmetric construction of the non-abelian (2,0) theory, by combining knowledge of conformal symmetry and R-symmetry one can argue for the form of the 1/2 BPS equations in the case when only one scalar field is turned on. We solve this system and show that our string solutions could be lifted to become solutions of the non-abelian (2,0) theory with self-dual electric and magnetic charges, with the scalar field describing a M2-brane spike emerging out of the multiple M5-branes worldvolume.
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