Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1207.2352 (Alexandre Faribault et al.)

On the determinant representations of Gaudin models' scalar products and
form factors

Alexandre Faribault, Dirk Schuricht
We propose alternative determinant representations of certain form factors and scalar products of states in rational Gaudin models realized in terms of compact spins. We use alternative pseudo-vacuums to write overlaps in terms of partition functions with domain wall boundary conditions. Contrarily to Slavnovs determinant formulas, this construction does not require that any of the involved states be solutions to the Bethe equations; a fact that could prove useful in certain non-equilibrium problems. Moreover, by using an atypical determinant representation of the partition functions, we propose expressions for the local spin raising and lowering operators form factors which only depend on the eigenvalues of the conserved charges. These eigenvalues define eigenstates via solutions of a system of quadratic equations instead of the usual Bethe equations. Consequently, the current work allows important simplifications to numerical procedures addressing decoherence in Gaudin models.
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