Thursday, July 19, 2012

1207.4399 (Laurent Baulieu et al.)

Minimizing gauge-functional for 2-d gravity and string theory    [PDF]

Laurent Baulieu, Marc Bellon, Valentin Reys
We display the construction of a twisted superalgebra for the N=1 Euclidian supergravity on 4-manifolds with an almost complex structure. It acts on a representation of twisted supersymmetry made of forms with odd and even statistics and it is covariant under a SU(2)\subset SO(4) Lorentz invariance of the manifold's tangent-space. It contains 4 twisted supersymmetry generators, one nilpotent scalar, one vector and one pseudo-scalar. The superalgebra closes on the twisted fields of supergravity in its new minimal set of auxiliary fields. Its couplings to the twisted Wess and Zumino and vector multiplets are also determined.
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