Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1207.6680 (Rolando de Santiago et al.)

Multifractal analysis via scaling zeta functions and recursive structure
of lattice strings

Rolando de Santiago, Michel L. Lapidus, Scott A. Roby, John A. Rock
The multifractal structure underlying a self-similar measure stems directly from the weighted self-similar system (or weighted iterated function system) which is used to construct the measure. This follows much in the way that the dimension of a self-similar set, be it the Hausdorff, Minkowski, or similarity dimension, is determined by the scaling ratios of the corresponding self-similar system via Moran's theorem. The multifractal structure allows for our definition of scaling regularity and scaling zeta functions motivated by geometric zeta functions and, in particular, partition zeta functions. Some of the results of this paper consolidate and partially extend the results regarding a multifractal analysis for certain self-similar measures supported on compact subsets of a Euclidean space based on partition zeta functions. Specifically, scaling zeta functions generalize partition zeta functions when the choice of the family of partitions is given by the natural family of partitions determined by the self-similar system in question. Moreover, in certain cases, self-similar measures can be shown to exhibit lattice or nonlattice structure with respect to specified scaling regularity values. Additionally, in the context provided by generalized fractal strings viewed as measures, we define generalized self-similar strings, allowing for the examination of many of the results presented here in a specific overarching context and for a connection to the results regarding the corresponding complex dimensions as roots of Dirichlet polynomials. Furthermore, generalized lattice strings and recursive strings are de?ned and shown to be very closely related.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1207.6680

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