Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1208.2886 (Jean-Francois Desilets et al.)

Superintegrable systems with spin and second-order integrals of motion    [PDF]

Jean-Francois Desilets, Pavel Winternitz, Ismet Yurdusen
We investigate a quantum nonrelativistic system describing the interaction of two particles with spin 1/2 and spin 0, respectively. We assume that the Hamiltonian is rotationally invariant and parity conserving and identify all such systems which allow additional integrals of motion that are second order matrix polynomials in the momenta. These integrals are assumed to be scalars, pseudoscalars, vectors or axial vectors. Among the superintegrable systems obtained, we mention a generalization of the Coulomb potential with scalar potential $V_0=\frac{\alpha}{r}+\frac{3\hbar^2}{8r^2}$ and spin orbital one $V_1=\frac{\hbar}{2r^2}$.
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