Monday, August 20, 2012

1208.3613 (Igor Mencattini et al.)

A note on the automorphism group of the Bielawski-Pidstrygach quiver    [PDF]

Igor Mencattini, Alberto Tacchella
In this note we will show that there exists a morphism between a group $\Gamma^{alg}$ introduced by G. Wilson and a quotient of the group of tame symplectic automorphisms of the path algebra of a quiver introduced by Bielawski and Pidstrygach. We also prove that for every pair of points in the variety $\mathcal{R}_{n,2}$, defined as the regular and semisimple locus of the phase space of the Gibbons-Hermsen system of rank $r=2$, we can find an element in $\Gamma^{alg}$ mapping the two points into each other.
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