Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1209.0109 (François Gay-Balmaz)

Clebsch variational principles in field theories and singular solutions
of covariant EPDiff equations

François Gay-Balmaz
This paper introduces and studies a field theoretic analogue of the Clebsch variational principle of classical mechanics. This principle yields an alternative derivation of the covariant Euler-Poincar\'e equations that naturally includes covariant Clebsch variables via multisymplectic momentum maps. In the case of diffeomorphism groups, this approach gives a new interpretation of recently derived singular peakon solutions of Diff(R)-strand equations, and allows for the construction of singular solutions (such as filaments or sheets) for a more general class of equations, called covariant EPDiff equations. The relation between the covariant Clebsch principle and other variational principles arising in mechanics and field theories, such as Hamilton-Pontryagin principles, is explained through the introduction of a class of covariant Pontryagin variational principles in field theories.
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