Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1209.5476 (O. M. Del Cima)

The Jackiw-Pi model: classical theory    [PDF]

O. M. Del Cima
The massive even-parity non-Abelian gauge model in three space-time dimensions proposed by Jackiw and Pi is studied at the tree-level. The propagators are computed and the spectrum consistency is analyzed, besides, the symmetries of the model are collected and established through BRS invariance and Slavnov-Taylor identity. In the Landau gauge, thanks to the antighost equations and the Slavnov-Taylor identity, two rigid symmetries are identified by means of Ward identities. It is presented here a promising path for perturbatively quantization of the Jackiw-Pi model and a hint concerning its possible quantum scale invariance is also pointed out.
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